Realistic Masturbators

Masturbation is an age-old practice and all men do it for self-pleasure. Masturbators come in handy for men or women who want something better than their hands to pleasure themselves. Masturbators can give you pure bliss and throw you into raptures of delight because of the unique design and materials that go in to making them.

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Amazing and absolutely worth the $$

Just...WOW. I swear I must have used this about 4 times and it's only been two days. Feels just like the real thing (ok maybe not JUST LIKE the real thing but pretty damn close). Maybe that's what makes it so lifelike, the fact that it's not a dainty little "toy" but rather something that feels like a woman's body. It's just about perfect position-wise also. I just set it wherever, on the couch or bed or table and start going to town...

By Bessler - A Amazon's customer